What do we do?

Enterprise Secure Services for the Smaller Size Business

Office in a Box Technologies, Inc. is a leading independent provider of essential Cyber Security services for Small Businesses; 

Cyber Security
Network IT Security
Computer Protection
Data Protection
IT services.

Office in a Box is committed on reducing both the complexity and costs of computing and IT services.

  1. Cyber-Security
    The threat of hackers and cyber-criminals is very real, for large companies and small businesses alike. That means that business owners must accept that a strong cyber-defense system is a must in the modern business world. The good news is that we are here to help.
  2. Data Retention
    Every small business should take time to set up your recordkeeping system properly. You are legally responsible for your data protection and of your clients. You should NOT depend solely on one device but a multiple back up approach in case data loss, hacking or corruption.
  3. Service Optimization
    If you are getting computer or server errors or if your PC just seems to be getting slow, you will benefit from our optimization services. We work on all the PCs in a network to boost speed, increase safety, and liberate valuable disk space. A slow performance for a small business represent time and service loss.
  4. Employee Perfomance
    There are many ways organizations, large and small, can reward and motivate their employees. Whether you are a small business or a long establish company, we can help find a solution to help you improve and grow.
  5. Innovation
    Companies that make innovation their primary focus can position themselves to stand out in the crowd and profit enormously. innovation is their entrepreneurial dynamism and we are here to help. Whether you are a small business or a long establish company.
  6. Business Growth
    Cybersecurity is a hot topic for businesses and consumers alike. As your business grows, your cybersecurity posture should evolve with it. There are lots of ways to help stay educated and informed included on our unique service aproach.